little red dot

Finally on our way!

DAY 5 – Thursday 14th June 2012

The Sea Dragon left Yokohoma port on Sunday and we have been sailing for five days!!  The GPS puts us 33° 15.9′ North, 151° 3.6′ East.  Over 1000km of the coast for Japan, but  much farther south than we intended, though at the mercy of the winds this is our best course! We’ll be heading north east soon to intercept the Tsunami Debris field.

There’s been some pretty uncomfortable sailing, heavy rain at times. With around half the crew seasick…Reporting some minor damage to the boat, an unexpected swell tore one of our four life rings from the rail. Everyone has pretty much settled in though and we are keeping three hour watches, 24 hours a day.

Our experienced seafarer Stiv puts it this way:

“the rain is washing our stomach contents from Sea Dragon’s sides without the aid of the hose. Slowly, the crew is coming back to life after serious bouts with seasickness that claimed about half the crew, and put them DOWN. The Aussi is well, as are the Brits, but the Korean and the Swiss are having a rough go. The rest are about a five on a scale of ten.”

Finally, today it’s sunny in patches, with an easy swell, we are enjoying the best sailing so far, the crew are mostly on deck, hanging up some washing and the last bananas have been consumed in the form of banana bread.                                  Micro plastic sampling has started and we are keeping a log of large debris spotted. We have also collected our first water samples for Woods Hole Institute.

I can begin to imagine what the world was like before we left our mark, watching this ocean slip by, an awesome expanse of wilderness and natural beauty. Unfortunately another piece of plastic pollution drifts past interrupting my fantasy.

Oh, we just spotted our first albatross :)

Yep, the little red dot is us….





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