Meeting Roland

ECOulladulla__SST1803When I see the excitement, happiness, disappointment, passion and enthusiasm that people have for sports such as AFL or Footy in Australia- I always wonder just HOW we can get this energy, passion and care of the masses for subjects that actually matter. Such as our ocean, our earth. Our survival.

Today, was one of those days. We did a great Beach clean up, turn out here in Ulladulla was not bad considering the short notice we gave people, a couple of handful passionate people joined us…. Yes, I say ‘not bad’ when it’s a couple of handful of people… looking at the footy: that’s millions! Shouting, cheering, jumping up and down for happiness or pain.. and all in full colours of their favourite club! So why do we get so excited by someone kicking a ball? And yet we struggle to get of the sofa when it comes to looking after the planet that keeps us alive… mind boggling…

But those that got involved were just absolutely amazing people.


This is Roland. He picks up pollution in Ulladulla every day. All day. Just for fun, the environment and to keep him out of ‘mischief’ as he said. And well for the Aluminium cans. He can sell them, for up to 80c a kg! – Everyone here loves him and I recon he’s somehow related to Ben up in the Whitsundays – It’s his mission, it’s his life.

ECOulladulla_ECOulladulla_volunteersTamiaStephThe girls Tamia & Stephanie, saw us on the beach clean up, and asked how it works. Once done they were surprised just how much there was, and decided to go show the people up on the grassy area! Then they asked what else we’re doing in Ulladulla and if they can help. I said checkECOulladulla_ECOulladulla_bottles at home, but I’d love some help with the market stall on Sunday, and sure they came and were fantastic help- I could have not done without them. As thank you we give them some insulated CHEEKI waterbottles

ECOulladulla_Bags1And of course, Angela – what to say, my amazing friend and Volunteer and Eco Artist and Designer. She whipped up an eco art workshop & organised the presentation night – managed to get all venues and everything donated! – This is the Two Hands spirit!

So what happens when an ‘Eco Artist’ is around? It means that all of a sudden we find ourselves scavenging through friends kitchen cupboards… looking for excess Plastic bags , suitable to be CROCHET into a bowl. I decided to make one in the favourite Shearwater colours : blue and white. Crocheting with plastic bags is easy, you just need:

– to have enough bagsECOulladulla_bags3
– know how to make them into one long ribbon
– know how to crochet ( my biggest issue, as  am use to knitting, my strict teacher Angela needs to correct me constantly)
– have a couple of spare hours ( another of my problems..;-)

And in the meantime Angela finished: a bowl, a hat and a bikini… some of these items will be going to an auction to raise funds for Dr. Jennifer Lavers work to ‘Save our Shearwaters’


On the morning of the departure I squeeze in another quick clean up in the rocks ECOulladulla_SilkeCleanYukonLandof the breakwater. It took me less then 10minutes to fill my bucket. With one of the number one items being … plastic lightweight shopping bags – it’s clear once again: there is just No Excuse for Single use. – And in this case we need to ban the bag!

Oh, and as for the daytrips and another tireless volunteer:

Chris, our Ornithologist has not been seen without his binoculars and camera for the entire trip- spotting and ID’ing Seabirds, from Shy to Black-browed Albatross, Wedge-tailed and Hutton’s Shearwaters…White-fronted Terns… Australasian gannets….ECOulladulla__SST1705crop

The daytrips here in Ulladulla followed the trend of  amazing wildlife, dolphin and whales left right and centre… but waaaay too much jellies and algae in our micro plastic trawls….so again we focus on Visual Observation: and Styrofoam is the winner every time! – and also came through some windrows full of plastic bags, baitbags and  packet of chips.


To take part on the East Coast Odyssey during our time in Sydney: CLICK here

Images from Ulladulla Daytrips:

ECOUlladulla_IMGP3246Blog by: Silke Stuckenbrock- co Founder two Hands Project          In 2012, Silke was awarded the Manly  Eco-Award for her pioneering campaigns to stop plastic pollution. Silke is available for workshops on plastic



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