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ECOedenUlladulla_IMGP3406My mum heard about a wooden sailing boat called Yukon doing a trip up the east coast of Australia studying plastic pollution.

My mum runs a NFP organisation called ‘Yeskandoo, to a life less plastic’ and I thought it would be cool to go on it for four days with her.

We boarded at Ulladulla and the first day was beautiful spotting whales and dolphins and the occasional wandering albatross.

We anchored in Sunnycloud Bay for the night and in the morning we saw surfers off the rocky point that my brothers would have loved to have surfed too. We had to leave early because of winds and did not get to do a beach cleanup.


The next day was really rough and we saw plenty of dolphins surfing the bow. We sailed during the night and anchored in Port Hacking early next morning. Paul from The Two Hands Project took us for a beach cleanup and taught me plenty about plastic. We collected half a garbage bag of mirco plastics and found an old body board. We brought everything onto the vesseP1020587cl. The first mate said there was too much sand on it so the deckhand, Ewan, jumped in the water with the board. It shattered so Ewan had to do his own plastic cleanup!

_SST2768We also did a manta-trawl and got plenty of micro-jellies! They seem seemed pretty small compared to the jellyfish from home. We also got lots of algae and seagrass that clogged the net up.

_SST2876cWe did a trawl in Botany Bay and did a bit better. Not so many jellies. We got plenty of microplastcis and my favourite place to sit was on the bowsprIMGP4175it and play ‘spot the plastic’. I also played ‘spot the cargo containers’ and wondered what cheap plastic might be heading for the shops.

We did one last trawl in Sydney Harbour and we collected bigger plastic bits including a straw and a cigarette packet as well as small plastic pieces.

We saw hundreds of birds and I think it is very important to save these animals and protect their amazing world.

About the Author:
Imogen and Tania are from Yeskandoo http://www.yeskandoo.org/, an awesome organisation tackling plastic pollution on Australia’s Gold Coast, joined the East Coast Odyssey in Ulladulla and sailed with us to Sydney.
Thanks to  Immie for sharing her blog which tells the story from her perspective!



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