and what are you doing this weekend?

What a great feature on the Sydney Weekender! –
And Mike Whitney could have not made it any clearer:


ANYtime and ANYwhere! –

its entirely up you! just make sure you send us your picture


this great feature also shows  what we really mean with ANYWHERE:
when you hire a Kayak or go for a dive or  you can even play ‘Harbour garbos’  if you are out on the harbour   and have a landing net! –

WeekenderDive    WeekenderKayaks


Mike Whitney: ” When I was a young bloke, finding a bottleWeekenderMike on the beach was so exciting, because everyone would run over to see if there as a message in there from some marooned sailor in the South Pacific. Today – plenty of bottles to find. But you don’t have to look inside to get the message.” –
Spot on Mike! –
Watch the clip & get inspired”

“>Two Hands Project on the Sydney Weekender


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