How To Participate

30minutes – TWO HANDS clean up

pick a spot that’s important to you (your street, beach, park, favorite jogging route, school, etc…) invite a  friend or family member if you like – more hands , more fun!

you can download and print out a Two Hands Project sign for the photo & by-passers to see. ( please keep it for your next cleanup & use it many times! )

take some reusable gloves, bags or a bucket for the litter you’ll collect, sunscreen, hat, camera, pen and whatever else you would take when you go for a walk! REMEMBER: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND SAFETY

spend 30 minutes picking up as much plastic pollution* as possible – have FUN!

Take a picture  of you with your ‘haul’

dispose of what you collect responsibly

IMPORTANT: Share your pictures on Facebook: two hands        Email to


if you have extra time: download the  Two Hands Project data collection sheet and do a count after your clean up- it has been developed by Tangaroa Blue Foundation and so far just in Australia volunteers have documented over 500,000 pieces of marine litter! and by presenting this information to the broader community we plan to educate, prevent, recover and dispose of marine debris and beach litter through educational materials, engagement activities and solution based activities related to waste contributing to the local marine debris issue.

 *plastic pollution:     Marine debris was a term coined by the oil industry to make debris of human origin seem less harmful and even natural. As 80% of all human made materials we remove from the ocean are made of  plastic, we find the term “plastic pollution” to be more honest.  Seeing evidence of plastic being ingested by sea animals and rescuing marine life impacted by plastic brought this to our attention. Two Hands Project is one of the first organisations to recognise plastic in the environment as a pollution issue, rather than a litter problem.