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  2. Great article! It’s disgusting the lengths that companies like Coca Cola will go to. I wanted to add that soda fountains aren’t plastic free-the soda syrups come in plastic bags contained inside cardboard boxes…at least in the US. Much better than single use plastic soda bottles, but there is still a disposable plastic factor. Are they packaged differently in Australia? If so I’d like to learn more about it to potentially bring that option here.

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  5. Hi guys, I’m the primary school teacher at the Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre. I wish I could have been more involved/helped with your project but I’m totally busy teaching classes who visit our facility. Almost every day I do a lesson about marine debris and plastics, and I try to use as much up-to-date science and data as possible.

    How and where will the results of your plastic trawling be reported? I would love to pass on the results to students as soon as possible.
    Andrew Walsh
    Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre