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THP Web Banner 510px wide_ss_quad_LOWThis 4 week hands-on module opens up the whole issue of plastic in the (Marine) Environment and the effect this has on our marine life. This development program clearly identifies the connectivity , the impact, the science, the responsibility and the holistic outcome from following the issue through all its’ phases.

This is a hands-on module and includes an local excursion facilitated by Two Hands Project.

Curriculum aligned for Geography and Science – Year 7-10



Fieldwork and research skills



Stage 4

4G2 Global Environments

4G4 Global Issues & the Role of Citizenship

Stage 5

5A3 Issues in Australian Environments

E2 Oceanography


Stage 4

ES3 Scientific knowledge influences the choices people make in regard to the use and management of the Earth’s resources.

ES4 Science understanding influences the development of practices in areas of human activity such as industry, agriculture and marine and terrestrial resource management.

Stage 5

ES3 People use scientific knowledge to evaluate claims, explanations or predictions in relation to interactions involving the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.

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“Two Hands clean up”

THP Web Banner 510px wide_ss_BBSH_lowA half day excursion, cleaning up the local beach, park or waterway OR a presentation& quick schoolyard clean up

After the clean up, students scientifically audit what they have collected, breaking it down into types of objects, looking at quantity and percentages of what was collected. This data can then be contributed to  the  National Marine Debris data bank.

One of the outcomes we are after is for students to consider the role design plays in whether or not a product or packaging ends up as pollution.  Once the top  plastic pollution items are identified we ask the students to form focus groups where they discuss the reasons why those common items end up as pollution.

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