Save Our Seabirds

It’s Official!- the very awesome Jack Johnson is MATCHING all of YOUR donations to us

till we reach the target!
This means that for every $ you DONATE  we get double!!

Soooo Two Hands Project is teaming up with Jack Johnson on his 2013 From Here To Now To You Tour and All At Once!!

As part of his  tour Jack Johnson’s charity is matching donations contributed to us at the show or directly to our organization through December 31st (Up to a total of $2500 US).  Make a contribution right now and your money will be doubled by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation!

Collectively, individual actions create global change. Your actions, your voice, and your choices, all have a huge impact.

What ‘s the money FOR?

You may have seen photos of Hawaiian albatrosses full of plastic, but did you know the same thing is happening HERE in Australia right now??

Dr. Jennifer Lavers found  270 pieces of plastic inside this 80 day old Flesh-footed shearwater chick. She’s also found that 100% of this species on Lord Howe Island contain plastic. Yes. 100% every single chick she examined.

Populations have already declined by more than 50% in the past 35 years. We need to find out more, before it’s too late!

So PLEASE – be part of the solution and DONATE & receive some great perks from our CROWD FUNDING page CLICK HERE


Dr Jennifer Lavers

Dr Jenn Lavers is a conservation biologist and bird lover who studies the impacts of plastic pollution on seabirds. You might have seen her on the ABC or read about her in Australian Geographic or the Sydney Morning Herald. She is completely in love with the fleshfooted shearwaters and is passionate about saving them, before it’s too late.

Funding is urgently needed for research on remote islands off Western Australia. We want to study how seabirds on these islands are being affected and provide much needed data to raise awareness about the extent of this issue.

  • Vital research into the effects of plastic pollution on Australian seabirds such as the flesh footed shearwater
  • Ongoing research on Australia’s seabirds
  • Education and raising awareness about this huge problem

What can you do?

Every dollar gets us closer to our goal, so if you can afford to donate we’d appreciate anything you can give. For $30 we’ll clean a beach just for you and for $60 you can get one of these awesome, limited edition Save Our Seabird reusable CHEEKI drink bottles. The bottles will be sent out in time for Christmas so they’ll make great presents for any of your friends or family who are still buying plastic water bottles!

You can also share our campaign on Facebook or Twitter and help us get the word out. And of course, say NO to “disposable” plastics – there is no excuse for single use!


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