Testing the waters…East Coast Odyssey part 001

East Coast Odyssey   –
The Two Hands Project team have made it to Hobart to join our expedition vessel, the Danish tall ship Yukon, for the East Coast Odyssey. With a little bit of spare time on our hands we have started looking for the ECOhobart__SST1076LOWer‘Colourful Killers ‘ in the hightide line right here in Hobart…and sure enough… all plastic in this picture is from the small 5 square metre area behind me!
We’ll be heading up the East Coast of Australia, negotiating the famed and unpredictable Bass Straight, surveying for plastic pollution along the way.

First up we meet the Nashes, a family of seafarers who restored this old Danish ship and sailed her back to Australia, David Nash will be our Captain on the voyage.

Also on board is Ewan, a young Tassie local who’ll be crewing the Yukon.
The first night on board is spent stowing supplies, reading our plastic trawling equipment and getting settled in.
Sunday will be our first day sail with guests, giving them the opportunity to get a taste for sailing a wooden ship and also help us in our search for “the colourful killers”, the microplastic pollution that is wreaking havoc with our seabirds.
The morning greets us with a bleak wall of cloud, heavy with rain obscuring Mt Wellington, yet our intrepid guests show up in time for our 8am departure.
David starts the Yukons motor and we pull away from Hobart’s Elizabeth Pier, heading out onto the DerweDCIM100GOPROnt River, where the guests pitch in under Chris’ guidance to raise our tannin stained sails.
Despite the foreboding start to the day our four hour cruise on the Derwent River is magical, our fair share of winters sun keeping the rain at bay, and a steady breeze pushing the Yukon’s 60 ton along at a surprising rate.
we take the opportunity to deploy our trawl net for what is officially the first sample of DCIM100GOPROthe expedition and our guests gather around with interest as we bring in the net
Sadly the result is positive for plastic pollution, showing that even this largely pristine corner of the world is impacted by our love affair with plastic.
Join the East Coast Odyssey for half day sails on its voyage to Sydney http://eastcoastodyssey.wildiaries.com
Pictures of the day:

Big thank you to  Blackwolf & Vigilante for keeping us warm& and our gear dry with their awesome Jackets & drybags



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  1. Hi guys, I’m the primary school teacher at the Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre. I wish I could have been more involved/helped with your project but I’m totally busy teaching classes who visit our facility. Almost every day I do a lesson about marine debris and plastics, and I try to use as much up-to-date science and data as possible.

    How and where will the results of your plastic trawling be reported? I would love to pass on the results to students as soon as possible.
    Andrew Walsh
    Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Woodbridge-School-Marine-Discovery-Centre/161551723996663
    Website: http://education.tas.edu.au/woodbridge/mdc/default.aspx

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