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About Us

TwoHandsProject started out as a website dedicated to embodying the spirit of the clean-up days for your home and environment. Following the rapid growth of the website's popularity, we now have a new mission: to give honest reviews on everything related to DIY tools and home improvement.
TwoHandsProject understands that not everyone comes from the same background as us. We provide the best resources and reviews to help you create the home of dreams.

Our Philosophy

TwoHandsProject is very in touch with the realities of its readers. We know that there may be financial difficulties that could prevent you from purchasing the products you saw on TV. Some people might be skeptical of certain products that are harmful to the environment. These are the needs that we understand and have incorporated into our philosophy.
Everybody deserves the chance to live in the home of his or her dreams while remaining within their means and helping the environment. We strive to show you the easiest DIY projects and review the best products for everyone.

What We Do

Home Improvement

Our greatest motivation is to help everyone realize their full potential, to be able to walk in any space and feel proud to call their own.
We want our readers to feel this way, so we are always reviewing and writing articles about products that can be used to help them.
We review and guide every aspect of your home, from the paint on your walls to the flooring beneath your feet to the products that keep you warm.
We don't keep any secrets, and we share all the information you need to improve every area of your home.


Over the years, eco-friendly products has seen significant growth. And it continues to grow still. With this in mind, the articles in this section are designed to assist you in navigating this transition.
Many cleaning products are known to experiment on animals under terrible conditions. You can also use chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment and your home.
This category covers everything you need to know about your home's cleanliness and personal organization. This section contains the most helpful tips and reviews that will help you keep your home clean and green.

Home Repair

It can be very costly to repair broken or defective items in your home. We specialize in DIY projects that are easy and affordable. You can fix minor problems by yourself or with a little help.
Are you curious to know if your thermostat problem is simple to fix or if there is a way to get rid of the paint chip?
This step-by-step guide will help you navigate the process of home repairs and add some flair to your home.
We hope that you find our articles about leaking taps and home security, as well as simple but elegant renovations, to be delightful.

Home Design

We are passionate about interior design and decor because of my passion for home decorating. There are many ways to make your space feel yours and maximize the space you have.
Our team offers many brilliant and creative ideas that will help you unleash your inner interior designer. There are even some creative DIYs you can do that could be the perfect solution for your space.

Product Reviews - What to Buy

It can be confusing to go into a supermarket and try to find the right product for your garden, laundry, or other needs. It's possible to spend hours just looking at the aisles but still get fit with a poor product.
It would be great to be able to read reviews online before you go to the store.
Well, say no more.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Accuracy and Editorial Reference

We are passionate about helping people achieve their homes of dreams. This is what we believe in. We are committed to providing you with the most accurate and current information about product reviews and related services.
TwoHandsProject includes technical writers who have extensive experience in specific niches.  All articles are carefully reviewed by our highly experienced team and our expert consultant .
We are proud to produce Grade A content in honesty and utility. Although our team strives to share their professional and personal experiences, some content may contain elements that are influenced by outside sources.
However, external inputs from affiliate partners and other sources do not affect our results.

Advertising Disclosure

While we may be involved in certain affiliate programs, our readers always come first. We won't compromise on honest reviews or tips for getting paid. Through our rigorous product review process, we can find the best merchandise and will only support companies that produce it.
Our articles are tested and researched without bias or prejudice. Affiliate deals will always be more important than the welfare and happiness of our readers.
We have compiled a lot of product reviews in an entertaining and informative manner. So you now know which products to buy for cleaning, gardening, organizing, and many other tasks.