The Best Metal Detectors Under 100 In 2022: Recommendations & Advice

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  • 💛Best gift for kids ages 5-15💛- This kids metal detector adjustable stem from 32 inches to 40 inches, adapts to children and juniors of different height. It is a Great gift toy for birthday, Christmas, Halloween, New Year, summer camp activities for boys and girls. It is perfect for indoors, outdoors, beach, park, garden, stream, soil, etc.
  • 💛Easy To Operation💛- The metal detector has 3 distinct modes, allows you to correctly search for the favored metals. ❶ “All METAL” Mode - notifies you whenever it finds any metal. ❷ “DISC” Mode: Discriminates unwanted targets. ❸ “PINPOINT” Mode - Enables it to pinpoint the target. Just switch the button and choose models as you needs.
  • ⭐HIGH ACCURACY & CLEAR DETECTION⭐ - The 20% larger coil allows you to quickly cover the ground. Simply wave this high quality and lightweight detector over the ground to detect objects buried up to 4 inches below the surface. If there is any metal object, the arrow and signal symbol will appear on the screen, meanwhile, it sounds. The closer they are, the louder it sounds and the signal will be stronger.
  • ⭐LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE STEM⭐ - 24 to 35 inches height-adjustable stem adapts both children and adults. One press simply operation will let kids easily start metal finding. Lightweight and foldable search coil are exclusively designed for traveling or outdoor activities.
  • 🔹🔷 Adjustable Stem for Each Families 🔷🔹 - 24 to 35 inches height adjustable stem adapts both children and adults. One press simply operation will let kids easily start metal finding. Lightweight and foldable search coil are exclusively designed for traveling or outdoor activities.
  • 🔹🔷 Waterproof Coil for Everywhere 🔷🔹 - The search coil is designed to be 7.4 inches, which makes metal detecting more sensitive. Both the adjustable stem and coil (not include screen are waterproof, which means that the gold digger is extremely perfect for metal detecting activities in the garden, local park, on the beach and all health outdoor locations. All season resistance.
  • A VERSATILE TOOL - With an adjustable length of 41-52 inches and adjustable head angle, both children and adults can easily use this metal detector; It is a perfect tool to explore mountains, beaches, fields, or even your neighbor streets; Use it to find lost rings, watches, metal toys, or your other valuables; Perfect for hide-and-seek with the kids and suitable for gold prospectors, relic hunters, coin hunters, jewelry seekers, or even beginners
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY - Powered by 2 x 6F22/9V batteries (included), this metal detector has both an alarm and a light that signal detection; 3 distinct sound signals (high, medium, and low) match different types of metal, making this perfect for finding coins, rings, watches, bottle tops, nails, locks, and other small objects; The green light means non-ferrous metals were detected, such as copper, aluminum, gold, and silver materials; The red light is a sign of iron metal being detected
  • 👣 Great Gift Idea for Men: The Psukhai metal detector will come up with numerous fun. Absolutely a great gift for adults and youngsters alike, making it a very creative gift idea for your family and friends.
  • 👣 LCD Display: Shows the probable type of metal with an arrow, the depth of the target, DISC range, the level of SENS with segment, the operating mode, and battery indication.
  • 【Unparalleled Detecting Performance】 Equipped with a 10 inch large waterproof search coil, this GC-1020 metal detector provides the best sensitivity in its class, which can detect metals up to 9.8 inches beneath the surface. It is capable of detecting a wider range of metal, from coins and relics to precious metals like silver and gold. Its rugged design makes it perfect for hunting on all terrains, including backyards, local parks, deserts, beaches or shallow waters.
  • 【What's included】1x GC-1020 Professional Metal detector, 1x Shovel, 2x 9V batteries, 1x User Manual
  • 💰💰【All Metal & DISC Modes】- All metal mode can identify different types of metals including coins, relics, jewelry, gold, copper, silver, etc; DISC mode discriminates the specific metal being detected. There will be a beep to remind you that the metal is nearby. The closer coil approaches to the target metal, the signal on the meter is stronger.
  • 💰💰【User Friendly Design】- RM RICOMAX metal detector weighs just 2.38 pounds. Its telescopic stem can be adjusted between 35 to 45 inches to fit for both kids and adults; The padded armrest adopting the ergonomic structure is very intuitive to control. On the meter there is a 3.5mm jack. You can wear headphone and keep focus under noisy conditions.

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