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It’s this time of the month: OH NOOOOO!!

I always wanted to do a year of  ‘Compacting’ ( buy nothing new for a year) … but that’s exactly what happened… I always ’wanted’, but never dTwoHandsProject_ReuseLOWid… So when Plastic Free July came along… I thought: “Brilliant, that’s going to be a breeze. After all, I am one of the Founders of the Two Hands Project. I got my reusables sorted!

So what is  Plastic Free July?

The challenge is quite simple. Attempt to consume no single-use plastic during July. “Single-use” includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging…basically anything that’s intended only to be used once and then sent to lanTwo-Hands-No-Excuse-Tile-Onlinedfill. If refusing ALL single-use plastic sounds too daunting this time, try the TOP 4 challenge (straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles &coffee cup lids).
Plastic Free July was started as a local challenge by Earthcarers in Western Australia – this year over 4000 people around the world have registered!

dilemmabag2012LOWWell… this is my dilemma bag last year… and I only did one week…

 What stood out was clearly that I didn’t have all my reusables sorted! And those tetra packs from the Soymilk! – I knew there would be heaps over the year. Also the contact lens packaging made me sad, as I can’t seem to come up with a solution (glasses are sadly not an option for me) All the other bits were clearly avoidable quite easily.IMG_8783LOW

 Back to the Soymilk –TETRA packs: easily solved!! Ever seen a ‘soymilk maker’? … I am HOOKED! And the tiny amount of ( organic ;-) Soybeans needed! – what a saving every time you make soymilk! I AM IN LOVE with this MACHINE! –

Picture: the actual amount of soybeans needed for 1 litre ! – ( bottle isn’t full because I had my coffee already ;-)

So why the title? – Well girls, if you are doing this challenge for a month… you might be stuck with some questions that you aren’t sure who to ask… fret no more: LUNETTE MenstrualCup  It’s silicone. Once done for the month you sterilise it by boiling it a few minutes. It’s yours for life. Best thing ever. Yes it takes a week to get used to& trust it, but that was no different when you tried your first  tampon. And with the LUNETTE  it just ‘catches’ rather then absorbing. So it is much better for your natural balance… no more thrush..

for those that are not convinced:  on Average one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, of course : single use, which will end up in landfill or in the sea…

Back Camera Whilst we are with the Girls themes… How to organise a plastic free HENS send off?? – I ‘highly’ (pardon the pun) recBack Cameraommend to send her off with style:  “ High Tea” ( this one at Sydney’s famous Queen Victoria Building) …came with sparkling wine… that’s plastic free too..

 So on the day after Hens and all that sparkling you maybe craving some COFFEEE…but PLEASE, don’t buy into these…For me they were just silly, expensive, wasteful and I didn’t even like the coffee!! … And then I visited Paul w_SST1652LOWho was helping at the Fremantle waste audit.. and that’s when I realised  that they are a much bigger issue: there isn’t anywhere to put them : metal or compost?? So unnecessary.


And to the question on ‘Bio’ plastics, check out my shocking 47seconds Video… I got nothing else to add ;-)


also this video from the star studded  Plastic Free July ‘ Google Hang out’


_SST0397Silke Stuckenbrock, co-Founder Two Hands Project



Message in a PET bottle

Beached Bottle
When I was a kid it was exciting to see a bottle on a beach, we used to race to see who   could get to in first in the hope it contained a message from a marooned sailor! Now with the advent of throwaway culture and the PET bottle, todays kids will never know that thrill. Where children once decorated their sandcastle with sea-shells they now use discarded bottle caps.

Plastic pollution, it’sCooks River become an ever growing problem we’ve created in the last 50 years, and it’s showing itself to be a threat to ocean health rivaling over fishing and global warming.

At Two Hands Project we believe plastic pollution is caused by poor design, either of the plastic products or packaging themselves, or of the systems used to recover them at end of  their useful life.
For example look at the humble soft-drink, a beverage billions of people enjoy daily. Disposable soft-drink (soda) bottles make up a large contribution to plastic pollution, over 30%.. so how is this pollution a design problem rather than a behavioral one? Consider the following.
What are the various delivery systems for soft drink and what contribution to plastic pollution do they have?
-single trip PET bottles, these are THE major problem, designed to be discarded after the use it’s no wonder they end up as pollution. Around 30% or less recovery with voluntary recycling.
-single trip PET bottles with a refund system, results in 80% recovery (recovery increases with higher refund)
-refillable bottles with a refund system, this is the best pre-bottled soda system, over 90% recovery (recovery increases with higher refund) zero plastic pollution if glass bottles are used.
-soda fountains, potentially zero plastic pollution if consumed in washable glassware, can be a big contributor if plastic or plastic lined take-out cups and straws are used.
Big Bottle
-home carbonation systems, such as SodaStream , can save the production of thousands of single trip bottles a year.
These are a great choice if you love soft drink, want to reduce plastic pollution, and like to have greater control over what goes in to your drinks.
As you can see manufacturers have a CHOICE in how they deliver a product, these choices affect the amount of plastic pollution entering our environment, so companies must be held responsible for polluting designs.
This brings me to what is currently unfolding in Australia.
Yarra River Melbourne
In an effort to reduce plastic pollution every day Australians are calling for a refund system on empty beverage containers.
Despite choosing to market to Australia using polluting single trip design, Coca Cola, Schweppes, Coopers and Lion Nathan are vigorously opposing a refund system that would massively reduce their contribution to plastic pollution..
Coca Cola have even taken the extreme steps of suing Australia’s Northern Territory for their recent adoption of the 10c refund system. This is completely out of order.

Check out the facebook pages of Coca Cola and Mount Franklin , read and like the comments from fellow Australians regarding this legal action and leave a comment of your own.

You can even make your own “boycott coke” placard and photograph you and your friends with it and post the pics.

Boycott Coke Placard
Also check out the Cash for Containers action and send a letter to your MP using the online form
SwanBottlePollutionSilkePhotoMost importantly be aware of the role of design in plastic pollution, choose pollution free ways of enjoying your favorite things, and demand the manufacturers employing polluting design pick up their game and stop trashing our planet.
Paul Sharp, Founder Two Hands Project