Top 11 Tips To Maintain Air Compressor

  • 10 Apr 2022 10:45
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Top 11 Tips To Maintain Air Compressor

You need to know how to maintain your air compressor so that you can use all of the tools. The standard Handyman's compressors do not require regular maintenance. You can also ignore the maintenance of your compressors. This can lead to costly repairs. Let's take a look at these maintenance tips that will keep your air compressors in top shape.

1) Do not forget to read and follow the User Manual

The user manual is simple but important information that should be carefully read. Many air compressor owners don't read the manual and end up paying the price. These instructions will help you maintain your compressors and prolong their life. A user manual also contains rules you must follow. If you do not comply with these rules, your warranty may be voided. To protect your compressor, make sure you read and understand the user manual.

2) Take the moisture out of the tanks

The moisture from compressed air will build up in the receiver. If you live in humid areas, there may be a lot of moisture. A majority of air compressor tanks have a valve that can drain the moisture. It is your responsibility to drain this moisture from the tank. Before draining these moistures make sure you have removed the tank's air pressure.

3) Clean the intake vents

Do not force your compressor to work as hard to get the air in. This will cause the compressor's power to decrease. Your compressor's quality will decrease slowly, but surely. Make sure you clean the intake vent. You should clean the intake vent if it is dirty.

4) All Fasteners Should Be Stiff

The compressor is a vibrating, running machine so it is normal for it loses screws and nuts. You should inspect these items on a regular schedule to keep your air compressor in good condition.

5) Re-check the Hoses Now and Again

You should inspect your hoses every once in a while as they are an essential part of air compressors. Additionally, if the hoses become cracked or rusty they can leak quickly and cause unnecessary strain to other parts of the hoses. It is important to inspect them and replace them promptly. This link will take you to the best air compressor hose.

6) Check out the Safety Shutdown System

A safety shut-off system may be installed on the compressor. This system must work properly. This system will shut down the compressor if it is too hot. This system will also shut off the compressor if it runs out of oil. To ensure a long-lasting lifespan, make sure to inspect this system regularly. This task is performed by the air compressor pressure switch.

7) Check and replace the air filters according to manufacturer instructions

Dirty compressor filters can allow dirt to get in from the outside, making it harder for the compressors to take in air. You need to make sure that the filter doesn't collect dirt and dust. The filter should be replaced every six months.

8) Empty the Fuel Tank

Clearing the fuel tank of your compressor every once in a while is a good idea to keep it in top operating condition. Clearing the engine is also necessary to ensure that there is no fuel residue. This will prolong the life of your compressor.

9) Check the Compressor Oil

Oil-lubricated compressors should be inspected daily to ensure that they are in good condition. To ensure the compressor's maximum performance, change the oil after it has been used for 500 to 1000 hours. This article will help you find the right oil for your compressors.

10) Regularly replace the oil separator

Compressors need an oil separator to reduce excessive oil consumption. You will also need to replace it from one time to another. After 1,000 hours of operation, the separator must be replaced to maintain the compressor's condition.

11) Clean Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers in compressors can become clogged and they will not lower their operating temperatures. They will eventually stop working. Keep them clean and the operating temperature low. This will increase the compressor's lifespan.


The article concludes with the following tips: Your compressor will last a long time if you keep them in mind. The compressor will also make your work easier and more accurate. An air compressor that is well maintained can be a great tool for any workplace. These maintenance tips will ensure that your air compressor is in top-notch condition.

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