11 tricks to get the best out of your air compressor

  • 12 Apr 2022 17:30
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11 tricks to get the best out of your air compressor

Are you the proud owner of your first air compressor? Congratulations! This machine is a good investment, with a price range of 100-300$. These tried and true tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your machine.

1) Make sure to read the guidebook for your air compressor

It is vital because it contains several instructions that, if followed, will help your compressor achieve longevity. Otherwise, there is a chance of your warranty being void.

2) Remove the water and moisture from the compressor tank

You must ensure that there is no water in your compressor tank

As the compressor runs, water will naturally build up in the tank. Most tanks have a valve that allows water to be drained from the tank. To avoid water getting too full, you need to keep the valve clean. Make sure you drain the reservoirs of air pressure before draining the valve.

Clean the input opening

Make sure the input opening is clean. Your air compressor will not work efficiently, waste power, and cause a spike in your electricity bills.

4) Make sure that all fasteners are securely tightened

Make sure to check all bolts, screws, and nuts on your compressor regularly and create a maintenance plan to ensure you don't forget. This is a must-have to ensure your compressor runs smoothly.

5) Test the compressor air hose regularly

Air Compressor Hose

Your compressor is connected to your air tool's hose, and the hose plays an important role in making sure your air tools run smoothly. It is important to maintain the hose frequently to prevent them from becoming rotten. This could affect other components of the compressor. If you notice damaged hoses, don't hesitate to replace them immediately.

6) Regularly inspect the safety shut-off system

An in-house security system might be installed on an air compressor to protect it from overheating or falling below a threshold. You should verify that all settings are correct and test the system to ensure it works as expected.

7) Replace your air filter every six months.

Dirty filters can allow unclean air to enter the machine and build up dust. To run properly, the compressor will need to work harder. You should therefore check your filters often and change them if you find a heavy collection of dirt.

8) Keep the fuel tank clean

To ensure the best working conditions, you must clean out your fuel tank at least once a year. To remove any fuel buildup, you should clean your compressor's engine at least once a year. This will protect your engine.

9) Check and change the oil in your air compressor

Air Compressor Oil

To ensure the machine runs at its best, with the lowest energy consumption and maximum efficiency, oil should be changed every 500-1000 hours. Use only oil made specifically for the air compressor.

10) Replace the separator element

To ensure outstanding performance, the valve separator must be replaced every 1000 hours.

11) Clean the cool-down exchangers

The heat exchanger releases heat from the machine and keeps it at a comfortable temperature. Your machine's life expectancy will be reduced if this component fails.


These are my top tips to keep your compressor running at peak performance. This will make your compressor love you more, which will in turn mean more work for you.

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