Woods Pto Chipper In 2022: Our Top Picks

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GreatCircleUSA Gas Powered 3 in 1 3" Inch Max Capacity Wood Chipper
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1. Best Overall: GreatCircleUSA Gas Powered 3 in 1 3" Inch Max Capacity Wood Chipper

"This is a powerful product that can contain all features of a chipper, mulcher, or shredder and effectively chop up any tough pieces." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: SuperHandy Mini 7HP 3" Inch Max Capacity Wood Chipper

"As one of the best wood chippers on the market, this model is ideal for almost every chopping project." Read Review

3. Best Construction: Landworks 7HP 3 in 1 3" Inch Max Capacity Wood Chipper

"This is a well-built 3-in-1 machine with impressive qualities that can turn wood into chips quickly." Read Review

4. Best For Noise Reduction: GreatCircleUSA Mini Ultra Duty 7 HP Wood Chipper

"With this noise-minimized wood chipper, the level of noise will be significantly reduced." Read Review

Whether you want to clean up a large area or dispose of waste in an environment-friendly way, a wood chipper is a perfect tool for that. With this unit, large and heavy pieces falling from trees can be shredded to become useful resources for recycling. These natural resources can be reused as organic mulches in landscaping, gardening, and ecosystem restoration.

While there are different types of wood chippers out there, one of the most well-known ones is the PTO wood chipper. A PTO machine can be connected to your tractor and take that vehicle’s power to have considerable strength that can chop branches four times the size of a standard chipper. However, these units are big and a tractor is required, so it may not be ideal for most people. Therefore, it’s better to use a smaller version that can mince your wood in no time and provide satisfactory results.

After considering the simplicity of use, safety features, and prices of multiple models, we have created a list of the Best heavy-duty wood chippers, all available on Amazon.

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Product Highlights

This heavy-duty wood chipper is a suitable product for any yard-clearing project. The engine can effortlessly handle any yard waste that is up to three inches in diameter.

Plus, tough and stubborn branches, brushes, or limbs are mulched quickly by this machine without any difficulty. Overall, this is an affordable chipper with excellent qualities.

2 Top Choice
SuperHandy Mini 7HP 3" Inch Max Capacity Wood Chipper
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Product Highlights

The SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper is known for its ease of operation. It's one of the finest wood chippers for both pros and beginners since it has a lot of user-friendly features that can be operated with difficulty and get the job done effectively, all at a reasonable price.

Also, the hopper is large enough to feed many tree pieces to the blades, and the discharge funnel is adjustable so it can spit out a mulch pile in whichever direction you want it to.

3 Top Choice
Landworks 7HP 3 in 1 3" Inch Max Capacity Wood Chipper
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The slandered housing design of this wood chipper is what sets it apart from competitors. Unlike other chippers on the market, its design can eliminate clogs and give you an effective performance of chipping and shredding.

Moreover, the polyurethane wheels are 10” and can glide effortlessly across a variety of surfaces.

Product Highlights

Most wood chippers are heavy-duty, so they tend to make horrid noise. However, this is not the case with this GreatCircleUSA Mini Ultra Wood Chipper. The machine includes a silent muffler, a sound-deadening alloy crankcase, and a muted air intake which allow it to operate with less noise.

Another great thing is that most of its features are designed to be user-friendly to make the chipping process faster and easier.

Product Highlights

If your technical skill is not good, you should check out this Landworks Rotor Wood Chipper. All the pieces are not too complicated to assemble with clear instructions. For usage, this machine is simple to start, as long as you follow the instructions.

Furthermore, the chipper can swallow hard and thick limbs without effort, and bring fine chips out of the discharge chute after a few minutes.

EFCUT C30 LITE Wood Chipper Shredder
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This is an amazing wood chipper with a strong shredding power. Any leaves, twigs, or branches can be shredded effectively and quickly by its powerful engine.

Moreover, the large chute can be adjusted with a great reduction ratio of 20:1, which is very useful if you want to make your mulch for flower beds.

Detail K2 6inch 14HP Commercial Chipper
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Product Highlights

Although the price may concern you, this is one valuable tool. The Detail K2 wood chipper is made with the latest technology and modern chipper design.

We like that the feed funnel has a dual-integration handle that allows access to the drum for simple maintenance. Besides, the bonus toolbox features many helpful and high-quality accessories.

How Do You Know Which Woods pto chipper Here Satisfies Your Tight Criteria?

Buyers are frequently hesitant to purchase Woods pto chipper. Certain factors should be considered while making a significant purchase. Our understanding and expertise with Woods pto chipper will assist you in making the right decisions.

The top selections will address many of the most notable new products on the market, as well as a few frequently asked questions:

  • Would you agree that spending your time and money on this item is a wise idea?
  • What is the best way for customers to find the best solution?
  • What is the name of the location where people can go to seek assistance?
  • Which product lines are now the most popular?
  • What advantages does the product provide to its users?

Woods pto chipper have become one of the most essential and valuable information sources accessible on the internet nowadays, especially with the proliferation of commerce websites, market forums, user ratings, and reviews.

They have been put in place in line with the quality that has undergone technical accreditation. Take the following into consideration:

Side-Mounted Branch Chute

A chute can be used to insert larger branches into some chipper shredders. Large branches can be inserted into the chute by skipping the flails. They then go directly to the cutting blades. You can send more branches through a chute that is larger than your actual tree.


Wheels are not necessary if you choose an electric shredder that is lightweight. Most larger gas and electric shredders come standard with wheels. These range in size from very small to light-duty wheels to transport the shredder, up to large wheels with utility and road use for larger models.


Wood chippers use a motor that turns a number of cutting and grinding knives with sufficient force or torque to quickly cut through wood. The torque is the amount of rotational force that a motor exerts on an object. It's usually measured in feet-pounds (ft.lbs). The blades can cut any material that is inserted into the hopper with this force. The torque ratings of most residential wood choppers range from 7 to 15 ft-lbs.

Top-Mounted Hopper

A chipper shredder with a top-mounted, hopper allows you to drop yard waste and food scraps directly into the machine. Your job is made easier by gravity.

Number Of Blades / Flails

Your chipper shredder will have more flails or blades, which means that each blade will last longer. You'll need to replace or sharpen your blades less frequently.


Even though they have more power, the noise of gas-powered chipper shredders is still much greater than those powered by electric motors. You should consider an electric model with a greater power rating if noise is an issue.

Feed Capacity

Your chipper shredder's feed capacity determines how many yard debris and leaves can be crammed into the machine at once. Multiple chute models may have different feed capacities.

Reduction Rate

Your chipper shredder's reduction rate, or ratio, is an indication of the volume reduction it can produce. They can reduce the volume of debris by as much as 5-10%.


How often your shredder is moved around the property will depend on its weight. The more powerful models can be moved around easier, while the lighter ones are less portable.


How Do You Feed A Wood Chipper?

Start with the blunt end to feed the material into your wood chipper. Carefully guide the material through the chipper. A mixture of green and dry limbs may be useful to help cool the knives and to lubricate them.

How Is A Chipper Shredder Used?

The chipper shredder can be used to cut yard waste (leaves, branches and dead plants) into small pieces that are smaller than landfill, better compost piles or to mulch garden beds.

How Loud Is A Wood Chipper?

The noise level of wood chippers is generally between 85-110 decibels. This is enough to justify hearing protection.

Is It Better To Chip Wood When It Is Dry Or Wet?

Wood that is dry is less likely to catch fire when exposed to sparks from a woodchipper. Therefore, it is best to chip wood when it is still damp.

Can Wood Chippers Shred Leaves?

You can also use wood chippers to shred the leaves. However, if you do not need any wood to shred it is better to buy a leaf shredder. These tools take up much less space and are generally more cost-effective.

What Shouldn’t I Put In A Wood Chipper?

Manure, manure, animal waste, wood chips, pressure-treated lumber and coconut shells are all things you shouldn't put in a woodchipper. Focus instead on the organic material from your yard such as leaves, twigs and branches.

How Do You Clean A Wood Chipper?

To prevent an accidental start-up, stop the engine.
First, remove the flail screen from the wood chipper. The flail screen can be cleaned separately. Next, clean the chute with water and dry cloth. High-pressure water sprays can cause fuel system contamination.

How Big Of A Wood Chipper Do I Need?

The wood chipper is used to process leaves, twigs and branches. Most people require a woodchipper that has a cutting width of 1.5 inches for this purpose. To handle thicker branches, your woodchipper might need a larger cutting circle if there are older trees.

How Do You Operate A Chipper Shredder?

The majority of chipper shredders work by feeding organic waste in a chute or hopper. Below the loading area are grinding teeth or blades that break down the organic waste to smaller sizes. Some machines can be self-feeding, while others will require that the operator push the waste in the grinder area using a tamper. The vacuum-style chippers are similar to a lawnmower, sucking the waste into blades which cut it into smaller pieces.

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